Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Oh boy, we're going to the Texas State Capitol!

-There it is! Wow!

Texas XVII

-Have you ever seen anything so humongous, guys?

Texas XIV

-It sure is pretty.


It actually pales by comparison to the Wisconsin State Capitol on an aesthetic level. On the inside of the dome is nothing but a wall of portraits of former Governors--nothing compared to the architecture and painting in Wisconsin.

Texas VIII

In its ugliness, the floor of the House of Representatives conveys sheer power. Everything points in one direction.

Texas XII

Even the cameras on the walls, even the portraits gaze to the center.

Texas X

But outside, a little cupid learns how to masturbate.

Texas IV

Oh, wait, he's attacking an eel between his legs. My mistake.

Texas V

Ultimately, the Texas State Capitol pays tribute to the family and the nobility of guns.

A mother holding a baby is actually in honor of the "Texas Pioneer Woman."

Texas XXI

And we are reminded that it is war that keeps our government standing.

Texas VI

-Let's go, guys, to the Capitol!

Texas XV


Blogger Jennifer said...

Again, great pictures! The floor of the House of Reps really caught my eye. Everything points in one direction. Including the school marm.

And when was the last time they cleaned that rug? It looks disgusting!

9:58 PM  
Blogger Wickedpinto said...

Only thing I disagree with is the image of the pioneer woman who is holding her child, and still facing forward.

I see a small bit of "strength" or maybe "indifference" I don't know, I've been there never cared about the surroundings, but based on the pictures, I see first a determination of a better life for the child in the mothers forward facing stance. I see the pioneer, not the sycophant.

As for the rest?


Texas needs to fix that. I'm SO OVER DOMES! So is everyone else, thats why whats his face, with the "hose of the rock?" is that what it's called? theres another architectural beauty next to where your mother lives. I forget the guys name, the architect dude, who deried flat walling, cuz there shouldn't be room for art or pictures, cuz the architecture was the art, or some such like that?


So over domes, stop building domes, build real engineering accomplishments, not impressed by the things that romans did 2K years ago.

And stop trying to evoke my emotions with pictures of children, waving in adoration.

How about they create realistic depictions of austins history? the only one that comes close is the ridden horse.

"art" by committee is so BLAND!

But then again so is "art" without editing.

11:10 PM  
Blogger Wickedpinto said...

OH! and the cupid comment was hillarious.

11:11 PM  
Blogger michael farris said...

"a little cupid learns how to masturbate. ...
Oh, wait, he's attacking an eel between his legs. My mistake."

There's a difference?

12:22 AM  
Blogger Chris Althouse Cohen said...

Thanks again, Jennifer.

wickedpinto: My point is that the very fact that the "Pioneer Woman" is pictured with a child in her arms says something about what they think of women. If there were a sculpture of a "Pioneer Man" and he was holding a baby for no apparent reason, that would seem pretty strange. I assume the message is that women should achieve greatness through becoming mothers.

1:46 AM  
Blogger Wickedpinto said...

Well, at the time the greatest threat in life that a woman had endured WAS child birth.

That isn't a denegration of womanhood, or feminine strength because the strong woman held a baby, but rather an ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of the single most common form of death at the time.

A Mother who survived childbirth, was willing to face an even greater threat with pioneering.

I would still say thats a good thing, depicting women every bit as strong as the fem's of the 70's think they are, though they aren't.

1:56 AM  
Blogger Wickedpinto said...


I'm SO OFFENDED!!!!!!!!!!

Even though I am not a citizen of the state.

Your picture of the House, is just plain OFFENSIVE!!!!!

Not cuz your picture was offensive, but rather that the HOUSE is offensive.

The HOUSE, of texas, the de-facto most powerful body in texas has to sit a gradeschool DESKS!!!!

No wonder they think it is okay to flee their own state despite their own state laws.


I would love to serve my state and nation, but if I had to be a simple student, as your pic of the house of legislature depicts, NEVER NEVER NEVER!!!!

I will not be another bitch in a gradeschool classroom raising my hand.

Chris you reside in Austin?

Ask, since you have a name, if you might photo the legislature in action.

I think that ALL the state, and DEFINATELY _I_ will change my mind about state lawmaking.


Would you sit at those gradeschool desks Chris? would your mother? Would glen? would LORD tummulty? or the Constitutional guy who hates black sites and the NSA I forget his name right now.

2:56 AM  
Blogger Richard Lawrence Cohen said...

What can I say, Chris, you've outdone the previous post. The comments are so funny, especially the "my mistake" line. And the cultural observations so true.

9:28 AM  
Blogger Ruth Anne Adams said...

I like your capitol meme. When will you be visiting Helena? Montpelier? Raleigh?

12:41 PM  

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