Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Restaurant Philosophy

Training at every restaurant chain I've worked at has begun with what they claimed to be a philosophy. Usually, that "philosophy" turns out to be we give great service and serve great food. Good things at a restaurant, but, sorry, not a philosophy. More like a strategy. My first day at P.F. Changs today at least involved some actual reference to philosophy...I'm told the Salmon Salad incorporates the concept of yin and yang--the cold of the lettuce with the hot of the salmon, the land that provides vegetation with the sea that harbors fish. Alright, that counts.


Blogger chuck b. said...

The best restaurant philosophy's all happening at the bar!

12:26 AM  
Anonymous lDM said...

Verily the ambience unseen
do'th make'th lettuce less green
when yon cooks cavort and preen
and put'th into stew things unseen
The Lonely Donut Man (LDM)

9:03 AM  
Blogger MadisonMan said...

I've been to the PFCs in Madison once, and it tasted very corporate to me -- as if the food were manufactured at a plant somewhere in, oh, Honduras, flash-frozen and trucked in for eventual re-constitution.

I'll stick with Imperial Gardens.

9:08 AM  
Blogger Christopher Althouse said...

Idm: That was hilarious.

Madisonman: I think the food is excellent.

12:05 PM  

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