Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Daryl Hannah and the Tree

Daryl Hannah climbed up a tree and sat there in protest of plan to replace a community garden with a warehouse. As she was pulled down from the tree by police, she held up her fist as a salute to nearby protesters. Finally, we have a celebrity activist worth watching.

UPDATE: Hannah has been arrested. There are now three great reasons to be a Daryl Hannah fan: 1) The tree protest; 2) She was one of the best things about Kill Bill; 3) She drives a car that runs on vegetable oil.


Blogger XWL said...

There are still plenty of reasons to admire Darryl Hannah's acting, but this tree-sitting stunt and the cause she supported aren't a reason for admiration.

The folks she is supporting are unlawful squatters using the land for their own commercial enterprises, not community farmers just trying to enjoy a tiny patch of green in a sea of asphalt and concrete.

For the facts, follow the links contained in this Samizdata.net post, it's rather illuminating.

As far as biodiesel, it presents some serious problems should it ever be adopted on a widescale basis.

Personal cars are getting much cleaner and represent a far smaller slice of the pollution and carbon emissions pie anyway. The real problem is electrical generation and the only mature and safe technology available now that could immediately reduce carbon emissions significantly is nuclear power.

If you really want to save the planet, demand that they start building more nuclear power plants, and build them next door (if its good enough for Rudy...)

Embrace IMBY, please (as opposed to NIMBY).

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