Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The 10,000 Foxes of London

I don't mean these kinds of foxes:

I mean these:

They have become a significant urban population in the British capital, and they are wreaking havoc--digging up garbage and lawns, generally making the city smelly and unpleasant, attacking domestic cats and dogs, and breaking into people's homes and biting children in their houses! Unfortunately, many of the London residents--human ones, even--want to keep the beasts around instead of killing them.

As you may remember, I suspected there was a connection between the animal friendliness of San Francisco to the willingness of Bay Area birds to attack people (like myself). In London, however, the connection is irrefutable. Kill the bloody foxes!

(photos from Wallpaper Base and Visions of Serenity)


Blogger Mark Daniels said...

It's obviously time to bring back the fox hunt!

3:40 PM  

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