Thursday, May 18, 2006

Addicted to Headlessness

For those of you who were offended by the seemingly amputated pregnant woman-keychain, you might want to stay away from the upper floor of the Co-Op at the University of Texas.

The store is divided by gender, and the main level--geared towards boys--has just the sentiment you expect to find at a Texas novelty shop.

Co-Op I

Everything changes when you walk up the stairs, however.

Co-Op IV

The floor is composed almost entirely of headless mannequins. Decapitated women submit to the Texas icon. That bodypart most associated with identity is gone, and all that is left is Texas spirit...


...well, that and their potent nipples.

Co-Op VI

So you don't want to be a headless, limbless baby-carrier? How about a headless, legless Texas mom?

Co-Op X

But it's not just these women whose identities are subjugated. Adoration of Texas is, apparently, ingrained in the children before they leave the crib.


Outside the Co-Op, however, we see heads, wings, churches, and government.

U of Texas VI

Camille Paglia would love the merging of the pagan inter-species warriors with the Christian buildings they are directed towards.

U of Texas IX

Here, at the University of Texas, the modern woman has no head, but the ancient woman has wings.

U of Texas IV


Blogger Michael Farris said...

I like the third picture with the queen and her court, is it just me or do they look like they expect the visitor to bow before her headless majesty?

And, it would appear that while girlchildren in Texas are born with heads, they are removed in some sort of rite of passage, perhaps with the onset of menarche.

Chilbirth is another powerful rite of passage in texas requiring removal of the legs. They still get to keep their arms until menopause hits.

The question is what do they _do_ with the heads and legs and arms after they're removed?

3:27 AM  

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