Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Song quote

Paris, the muppet-voiced girl on American Idol, says something before singing Prince's "Kiss" that, after several replays, can only be interpreted as: "The song is not really a song that people can make a song, but I think I can." Ryan Seacrest just stares back at her blankly.

But speaking of saying things no one can understand, I went into a cafe tonight and, because it was 10pm, decided to get something without caffeine. So, I asked for a hot chocolate at the counter, and the barista, puzzled, just said, "What?" with the tone that you might use if someone said, well, "The song is not really a song that people can make a song."


Blogger Jennifer said...

muppet-voiced - I love it!

The funny thing about your barista encounter is that if you had said half-caf-free-trade-non-fat-vanilla-soy-no-foam-latte she would have been like "coming up!" but simple hot chocolate inspires serious confusion.

7:45 AM  
Blogger Goesh said...

-and don't forget to have a cell phone to the ear when ordering the half-caf-free etc etc

11:06 AM  

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