Sunday, May 14, 2006

"Let's keep going...go!"

For those of you who, like Roger Ebert, were disappointed that the final shot of Thelma & Louise maintains a low angle on the car, leaves off-frame the death that awaits them, and ends with their car up in the sky ("I would have rated the movie at four stars, instead of three and a half, except for one shot, the last shot before the titles begin"), you will soon be able to see first-hand what the suicide-as-feminist-liberation duo would have seen...without actually having to kill yourself.


The Wisconsinite in me screams out that this is a non-phallic rip-off of the Infinity Room in the magnificent House on the Rock:

(photo from Roadside America)

But the circle-with-a-hole-in-the-middle is obviously vaginal; the shape, then, could emphasize the Thelma & Louise jumping-into-the-Grand-Canyon-as-embracing-the-feminine-spirit idea. If only these two structures could hookup.

It will be a fascinating gimmick at first, but no where nearly as thrilling as the Infinity Room, which is designed to rock back and forth at the moment you realize you are standing, unsupported, high off the ground.


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