Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day, mom!

How are people celebrating Mother's Day this year? Let's see, Nancy Grace used it as an opportunity to give a mothers-crying-over-their-missing-children special (though it aired a few days beforehand). Others are protesting the war, with mom themes. One article tries to use it as an excuse to talk about oil dependency, since our true mother is Mother Earth. Hey, environmentalists: you already got Earth Day; Mother's Day is for human mothers. Unless, of course, you're a mommy cow whose Mother's Day wish is for your baby to not be killed for veal today.

Most are not exploiting the holiday for whatever cause they happen to support, however. What's a better way to celebrate Mother's Day: protesting something or giving birth to quadruplets in Wisconsin?


Blogger Wickedpinto said...

I simply say " I love you mother" and then I include "today isn't special, I love you always, and then I kiss her forhead.

I think that the best way to celebrate a day is to reiterate that I don't need that day to do what I do anyways.

I ALWAYS love my mother, I just reminder her of that.

For instance if my mother dies in 3 weeks, is she less a beloved mother?

she isn't, I ALWAYS love my mother.

I basicaly say "It's mothers day, but I have always loved you mother"

Thats my attitude.

every time I can, and am allowed (my mother is a MOMMY, not jsut a mother) I do something nice, though I require EVERYONE in her life to support me.)

My brother, and I, Love not just our mother, but our mommy, even though we are grown men.

judge in your own way.

3:15 PM  
Anonymous lonelydonutman said...

Lo! She bake'th me pleasant sweets
and as a suckling washed my tiny feets
verily she heard my bratty bleats
and she hath ironed on my pants their pleats -

8:21 AM  

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