Friday, May 05, 2006


In a Tribeca Film Festival panel called "What Would Jesus Direct?" a 20th Century Fox executive informs us that a Godsploitation trend might be on its way:

"There were these 'blaxploitation' films made for very small budgets, then (it went) through maybe you can make a buddy comedy, and (then you) get to the point where stories of African-Americans could be out there," Bock said.

"There have been movies made that were low budget, lets call them 'Godsploitation films.' If they make money, they'll try more," he said, noting that New Line Cinema was working on a film called "Nativity" about the birth of Jesus with "a pretty significant budget."

The comparison to blaxploitation seems to imply that the Godsploitation films are a stepping stone, that Jesus will eventually...ascend, if you will, to the A-list Hollywood films.


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